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Take it Easy

Take it Easy

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Sold individually per tube.

Oral Paste for the reduction of stress reactions.

  • Cavalor Take It Easy contains a high doses of Tryptophane
  • Completed with Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Magnesium
  • Can be combined with Cavalor Pianissimo, Cavalor SoZen or Cavalor Calm for optimal results.

Depending on the level of stress from 20 – 60 cc 24 hours before the stress situation. Optimum result: 20 cc the evening before, 20 cc in the morning and 20 cc 1 hour before the stressful situation. Maximum 3 tubes per day. 

"Take it Easy keeps my horses relaxed and focused in the ring" -Kelley Robinson, Accomplished Grand Prix rider from Cimarron Show Stables In Russell ON.

Cavalor T.I.E. is an oral paste for the reduction of stress reactions. It is extremely effective at helping horses relax (quiet but not lazy), very handy for the beginning of show season. Contains high doses of tryptophan complete with vitamin A, D3, and magnesium. Can be combined with Cavalor Calm and Pianissimo for optimal results. Does not test, compliant with FEI rules.