Where Canadian equestrians shop for top brands
Where Canadian equestrians shop for top brands
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About Us

 Sophie Heron
 Manager, Operations
 Karena Harvey
 Manager, Equus Integral Saddles


We started importing these products for our own horses.

Over a decade ago, we started importing world class brands that truly improved (in a measurable way) the performance and well-being of champion horses, with quality standards unparalleled anywhere in the world. It has been our mission to help horses and riders reach their full potential ever since. We did this by opening the Canadian market to the innovative products used by the world's leaders in horse sport.

Service and Support

Our reputation has grown because of a relentless commitment to offering the best possible service in order to help everyone fulfill their full potential (even if that means hand delivering a last minute order right before showtime). Our team uses a network of resources, pros, and experts to advise you on how to use this innovative line of products to get the best results. Invaluable opinions and tips for nutrition, care, bits, jumping boots and lots more to optimize your horses' performance.  

Commitment to our partners

We measure our performance by our ability to exceed the expectation of our partners. Beyond our products, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading dealer, distributor and sponsorship programs to ensure satisfaction and profitability. This is achieved through operational excellence, quality assurance,  exceptional service & support, and profit protection. Share in our success and become a partner by using the link below. 



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