M Stud – The Full Set

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Description :
8 Studs 12 mm
8 Studs 16 mm
1 Removal Clamp
1 M Clean Stud Hole Cleaner
8 Adapters

Features :
– 8 medium sized all-surface studs and 8 small sized dry-ground studs. Designed by Mandtis for better grip and responsiveness. Magnetic technology; stem height: 8mm, diameter of stem: 6.5mm.
– 1 Stainless steel (316L) Stud Hole Cleaning system – specially designed by Mandtis for cleaning 6.5 mm diameter holes (key establishment for adapters)
– 1 Removal Clamp, specially designed by Mandtis to quickly and efficiently remove studs from their magnetic grip
– 8 Steel Adaptors for existing conventional stud holes in specialty shoes or iron aluminum shoes
– 1 case

Greater grip for greater speed

We brought our «savoir-faire» of the latest in technological innovation to conceive the M Stud. Its aerodynamic design brings exceptional responsiveness and grip. Different sizes allow for optimal use on various types of surfaces. You will find safety in its strength.

Groundbreaking Innovation

The key element of M Stud is its core.
It is small and powerful all at the same time. Concentrated into a steel-inox alloy, it is made of aeronautical poly component. We’ve developed and patented the FixCurve system that revolutionizes the base of the stud. Its axis has two 90 shores o-rings to securely attach and minimize vibrations with each step.

Versatility, at your service

It is one thing to create a more practical stud for the rider to use. It is another feat to offer the same practicality and ingenuity to the farrier. At Mandtis, we developed a special drill bit which streamlines the task to one simple action : drill a hole with no thread. M Stud does the rest. We’ve also created adapters for your existing stud holes so you can start using M Stud right away.