M Spur 3 – Dressage Set (6 in 1)

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Specially curated for Dressage riders

Description :
2 Spur bases (Grey or black)
2 Ball-End tips 15mm
2 Prince of Wales tips 20mm
2 Prince of Wales tips 35mm
2 Smooth Rowel tips 20mm
2 Smooth Rowel tips Plus 23mm
2 Notched Rowel tips 20 mm
1 Storage Case

Features :
The Dressage Set is specially assembled with the needs of a Dressage rider in mind. The M Spur 3 remains ultra thin and incredibly light. We offer a new anodized aluminium finish which is weatherproof for greater durability. You now have the choice of two colours for your spur bases to better personalize your equipment. The introduction of a new magnetic ring delivers better resistance, making its use even more secure.